Katie & Kyle | A Rustic Wedding at a North Shore Ranch

Rustic North Shore Ceremony

It all began before they even knew what was in store. The longing for adventure deep in Katie's heart lead her to Hawaiʻi in 2013, not fully knowing the journey ahead. Left and right she found herself surrounded by incredible people including the tall, golden, curly-haired, Kyle Whitney.

Her Surfing Cowboy

Their love story began on a beach which would provide a great setting for a beautiful wedding. However, growing up in Virginia, it has always been Katie's desire to get married on the country-side, surrounded by free roaming horses. The two would not seemingly fit together, especially in Hawaiʻi, until the couple stumbled across the vast Kawailoa Ranch on the North Shore of Oʻahu. In this beach-side ranch, two of Katie's dreams would flow together into a beautiful rustic wedding where she would say I-do to her surfing cowboy.

January 15, 2017

LOCATION: Kawailoa Ranch, Kawailoa

North Shore Through A Lensbaby

Lensbaby Sweet 35 Optic

Just picked up the Sweet 35 optic for my Lensbaby, and I was looking for a place and occasion just to break it in – figuratively speaking.

Head over to the North Shore, what better place. And for a perfect day at the beach celebrating my second wedding anniversary. Great food at Haleiwa, pristine waters to stand-up paddle, sharing it all with my wife – perfect lens to capture a perfect day.