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Sena's Second Birthday Party

One more trip around the sun and we had the chance to be there for Sena’s second birthday. If you missed it check out Sena’s First Birthday party from last year. We Heart Cake Company knocked this one out of the park with a donut-themed birthday cake. Just before the party guests arrived, we rounded up the family for a fun and quick family photo session. I love the way Seira decorates her parties and this year’s donut-themed party was pretty sweet.

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Sena's First Birthday

First birthdays are always a special occasion and Sena's party was a very beautiful party. Last week friends and family all gathered to celebrate with one year old Sena. What is a birthday party without birthday cake? Sena's sweet treats were created by We Heart Cake Company. The desserts were as delicious as they were elegant. And even little Sena partook in a cake pop or two. 

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