Liven Up Your After Party With Late-Night Snacks

Just when your guests think the fun is winding down, liven up the reception party with late-night snacks. Don't leave your wedding guests searching for a place to get that late-night bite to eat. Hotdogs and crinkle-cut fries or cookies and milk may not speak high-class wedding food, but they are great for late-night munchies. Food trucks are also great options for outdoor weddings with endless options for small bites to eat - Korean BBQ, street tacos, or even waffles and ice cream.

Arranging Your Wedding Party During The Ceremony

Remember that photos during your ceremony are going to be shared all over social media and may be the ones you cherish forever. Before they walk down the aisle, show bridesmaids where to hold their bouquets so that some don't hold it up too high or down too low. A good rule of thumb - bouquets held at the navel. Also show the men how they’ll position their hands during the ceremony and ensure that everyone lines up in a neat and formed line. Attention to these details can help to create gorgeous images of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Day Bridal Portraits

Thinking about taking some bridal party shots before your ceremony? Or should you wait till after the ceremony for the majority of your wedding portraits. Consider that your hair and makeup will look ultra-fresh if you take photos right away, rather than getting windblown or droopy from the heat. A non-traditional first look before your ceremony can give you some extra time to have your wedding portraits taken.

Ensure Your Prints Stand The Test of Time

Your wedding photos deserve the more than ending up on a flash drive. Framed prints are a great way to display your photos for many years to come. Ensure that your framed wedding photos stand the test of time by using archival quality, acid-free frames and mats. They will keep your pictures from aging and yellowing. For this reason we have spent a long time searching for the very best printing processes and highest quality framing materials.