Bennett Family Portrait in Ko Olina

The Bennett Family had an amazing opportunity for a family vacation in Hawaiʻi as a part of their son’s wish with The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their trip included activities and adventures that took them around the island, however one of their more important moments came during our family portrait session.

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Marstaller Family Portrait in Waʻahila Ridge

It’s that time of the year. Time for family Christmas photos. With an abundance of beaches and tropical settings for photos, we wanted to get away from the Hawaiian norm and have these photos taken in a more woodland setting. After a quick drive up the mountains, we set up in a forest of Cook Pine Trees for these Christmas photos.

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70th Birthday Party On Top of Waikiki

Altitude 37 at Hilton Waikīkī Beach, Waikīkī

Family from around the world flew in to celebrate Micky’s 70th birthday. Micky’s daughter, Preet, had arranged for their festivities to take place on the top of Waikīkī in the Altitude 37 lounge at Hilton Waikīkī Beach Hotel. The venue was perfect for their party. The lounge was small enough for their intimate party with enough space for the dancing and singing that would take place at the end of the night. And that view - the sun setting over the Waikīkī skyline. This family knows how to party and we had a great time celebrating with everyone. Congratulations Micky on your 70th birthday. We wish you many more years of happiness, singing, and dancing.

Kimura Family Vacation Portraits at Waiʻalae Beach Park

Waiʻalae Beach Park, Waiʻalae

How cute is this family? These two little girls were adorable and had so much fun at the beach. Maybe a little too much fun. Little ones can be tricky to photograph, as any parent can attest to. My secret - just have fun. When everyone is laughing and having a good time, we can throw out the “cheese” because we all have our natural beautiful smiles on. And if you dress up your daughters in cute clothes like this, then our photos will turn out even better!

Pham Sunrise Vow Renewal Ceremony on the Beach

Waimānalo Beach, Waimānalo

Chris lived in Hawaiʻi many years ago, and as he returned with his family for their summer vacation it was only fitting for him to renew their wedding vows at a place he once called home. The beach along Waimānalo Bay always was a special place, especially when the sun rises and illuminates the mountains from Makapuʻu to Kailua. Everything about this beach is beautiful and served for the perfect location for their romantic wedding vow renewals. 

Beattie Family Newborn Portrait with Baby Jason

Baby Jason was born June 8, 2018 and welcomed home by a loving family. Big sister, Gracelynn and big brother, Daniel were ready and waiting to smother their new baby brother with hugs and kisses. There is so much love in this family that it is obvious to see in every photo. Moments like these are so special and I am so blessed to be able to capture these newborn moments forever. 

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Ramirez Family Vacation Photography at Ko Olina

Ko Olina, Honouliuli


14 family members on a family vacation to Hawaiʻi is not an easy task, but Leslie managed to coordinate everyone's schedule for a fun family photo session on the beach. Grandparents with the little ones. Siblings having fun on the beach. Young love with growing families. Every little moment and everything in between. 

I've been back to this same spot a few times over the past couple of months, not only because it is a secluded beach location, or that it is conveniently located close to the Ko Olina Resorts, but because it is a beautiful spot with the Waiʻanae Coast in the background.

McCart Vow Renewal Ceremony at Ko Olina

Ko Olina, Honouliuli


Lisa and Kevin planned a family vacation to Hawaiʻi to celebrate their wedding anniversary and coordinated a very intimate ceremony on the beach to renew their wedding vows. 20 years of marriage and a beautiful family including a 6 month old granddaughter are a couple great reasons to celebrate. We were blessed to have the entire beach to ourselves and took advantage of that opportunity to capture some great moments and family photos.

Admani Couple Photograpy at Ala Moana Beach Park

Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu


Shehla and Sohail were in Hawaiʻi on their one year anniversary and were looking for something special to remember their time in paradise.

Sunset photos on the beach.

They were looking for something a little more intimate and romantic, and as luck would have it the beach was empty. Only a couple fishermen along the seawall and another couple on one end taking photos. The rain earlier in the day had chased away the crowds and the cloudy sky left over from the storm earlier painted the sky with the most gorgeous sunset I have seen. We just took advantage of the moment and snapped some beautiful photos of this stunning couple. I don't think I have ever had such an amazing opportunity at one of Oʻahu's busiest beaches.

VanZant Couple Photography at Ala Moana Beach Park

Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu


First time visiting Hawaiʻi? What better way to remember such an amazing vacation than a fun photo session on the beach.

Karin reached out a couple months ago to set up a time for photos with her husband, and I was excited to recommend a few great ideas for their photo session. Karin and her husband Nathan were so cute together. They are the type of couple that naturally has fun together and truly love each other - which makes my job easy. Just see for yourself

Whitney Honeymoon Session

Kahanamoku Beach, Waikīkī


Honeymoon + sunset + white sandy beach = perfect opportunity for romantic photographs.

Rock and Lia were here in Hawaiʻi on their honeymoon and I was over excited to photograph this beautiful couple. The two were so in love and a lot of fun to work with. We made our way down the beach and finished up our photo session at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor just in time for the sunset. I am often hesitant to  walk across the jetty at the harbor during photo sessions because it isn't the easiest to walk over. But when I asked Lia if she was up for the challenge, she immediately looked at me with an affirmative look and said that she was an island-girl - of course. I love couples like them, so easy to work with, and so much fun to spend time with.

Soldan Family Session

Waiʻalae Beach Park, Waiʻalae


Last minute and impromptu photo sessions are always the best. I think the spur of the moment fun is truly beautiful and a lot of fun to capture. Roy and Erika were sitting on the beach in Waikiki thinking about how they could capture their growing family on their last vacation as a family of three. Luckily we were able to coordinate a time for photos because this session was a lot of fun.

I have to give little Alexa credit for going along with this plan. At first she wasn't feeling it, but I was confident that after warming up she would give us the biggest smiles. 

Roberts-Maynard Portrait Session

Kakaʻako, Honolulu


The streets of Kakaʻako and its wall murals create a fun and lively setting for a photo session. Walking around with Denise and Al was nothing short of fun and lively. This beautiful couple was a lot of fun to work with and we had a lot of great laughs during our stroll through Kakaʻako. After taking in all of the color and artwork, we made our way to the beach to wrap it up with our feet in the sand and our sun in our faces.

Covell Newborn Session

Covell Home, Waialua


Babies grow up so fast, and I love having the opportunity to capture every precious moment during their first days. As a parent we want to cherish every moment, but sometimes life happens too quickly. Capturing these moments is so important.

The Covells are such a beautiful family from their wedding day last year (Wedding Bells For The Covells) to the birth of their daughter. It is an honor to be able to walk alongside a family through these very special moments. Sanoe was a very active baby. She didn't spend much time swaddled and loved every cuddle and hug from her dad.

I love how cute this family is!

Varughese Family Session

Ko Olina, Honouliuli


We had originally scheduled this photo session weeks in advance. Mayra was planning her family vacation to Hawaiʻi and was excited to have some family photos taken during her vacation. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not cooperating, so we ended up rescheduling it a few times. But as the weather usually does here in Hawaiʻi, the rain cleared up for a day, giving us a perfect opportunity for family photos.

This family was so much fun to work with. The grandparents were super cute. And that toddler scowl is oh so cute.