Sue and Bryan | Destination Elopement on the Beach in Kauai

Inter-Island Weddings and Travel Fees

When you live in the pae ʻāina (islands) of Hawaiʻi, one thing that you need to be okay with is airports and 30 minute plane rides. It is the only way to get between the different islands. Of course you could always hire a boat, but that would just take forever, and I get sea-sick easily so that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me. When couples inquire with us for their destination wedding plans, we often get the question if we travel between islands and what it would cost. Simply put, we do not incur a travel fee for any of our wedding day photography or video packages. We want to make sure that your wedding plans aren’t affected by the island that you choose to get married on. Each island is beautiful in its own unique way, and each offers different qualities that will shape your wedding day experience.

OʻAHU - the most popular destination for visitors, offers the most variety of experiences from world-class hotels and resorts to off-the-path, back-country venues.

MAUI - is the second most popular wedding destination in Hawaiʻi. It offers a more authentic Hawaiian experience with the conveniences of world-class hotels and resorts. The upside is that the major cities lack the skyscrapers and highways of Oʻahu.

HAWAIʻI - also known as the Big Island, is the largest of the islands here in Hawaiʻi. There are numerous hidden spots to set up your tropical wedding venue. With landscape ranging from tropical beaches, to barren lava-field deserts, to tundra mountain-scapes (including snow!)

KAUAʻI - The last on our list for popular wedding destinations, and growing in popularity. With the world-renowned Fern Grotto and thousands of beautiful beaches around the entire island, there are many locations to plan your destination wedding here.

Waipouli Beach Wedding

Sue and Bryan planned their beach destination wedding on Kauaʻi as it was the perfect spot for their private elopement. We hopped on over (actually a 3 hour trip with TSA and airport waiting) and met them at their hotel. Wedding ceremonies like these are fairly simple, and a lot of fun, because it is usually just the couple and a few family members. In this case, their daughter. This leaves a lot of time for photos on the beach and the rest of the day to celebrate in whatever way they see fit. Sue and Bryan were a lot of fun to work with. And capturing their beautiful daughter was a lot of fun. All she wanted to do was collect coral on the beach, so we decided to put everything she found into a heart shape in the sand. A quick activity for the little one, and a great way to create a unique experience for the entire family.

July 18, 2019

VENUE: Waipouli Beach Resort

OFFICIANT: Julie Wirtz

MUSIC: Little Blue - Josh Garrels

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