Penn and Ryan | Backyard Wedding on the Beach

Tiki Moon Villas

Are you planning a beach wedding in Hawaiʻi? Are you looking for the perfect spot to host your friends and family? Did you consider where your friends and family might stay during this Hawaiian destination wedding? Maybe you looked into the permitting process with having an event on a public beach and are now discouraged with all of the red-tape. Well the Tiki Moon Villas is the perfect spot for you. I have shot a few weddings at the Tiki Moon Villas, and each couple said that it was the easiest option to include a beach ceremony site, an outdoor reception venue and housing for family on the North Shore of Oʻahu. I canʻt agree any more. This is the perfect spot tucked away on the beach in Laʻie, just across the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Romantic Beach Wedding

Penn and Ryan found their perfect Hawaiian beach wedding venue at the Tiki Moon Villas. This was the perfect spot for their friends and family to join in with them and celebrate their marriage together. With family and friends flying in from around the world, this was the perfect place for all of them to converge. Everything lined up for the perfect day. The weather was beautiful, with a little mid-day showers just to keep things interesting. But it is often said that rain on a wedding day is a blessing and should be seen as an auspicious beginning to your life together.

No Rain No Rainbows

There is also another saying in Hawaiʻi - no rain, no rainbows. I have always heard this and know it to be true. But I don’t often consider that rain on a wedding day will lead to spectacular rainbow photos. This wedding day was something out of the ordinary. Everything started out with a typical Koʻolau cloudy afternoon. There were a couple of rain showers that tried to dampen everyone’s spirits. But as soon as the sun started to set behind the mountains, the skies opened up and two spectacular rainbows began to form over the ocean. Everyone immediately ran to the beach to snap this beauty on their phone cameras. I took the opportunity to capture this moment for Penn and Ryan to remember for the rest of their lives together.

July 5, 2019

VENUE: Tiki Moon Villas