Cory and Daniel | Tropical Wedding at the Upper Meadows of Waimea Valley

July 4th Wedding

You might assume that Cory and Daniel are truly patriotic Americans, to host their nuptials on U.S. Independence Day. But this date is a bit more meaningful to them than a stars-and-stripes holiday. Their first date and engagement both took place on the Fourth of July. This was a perfect plan on Daniel’s part because there will forever be a spectacular firework show anywhere in the country that would coincide with their wedding anniversary.

Tropical Wedding Ceremony

Both Cory and Daniel’s family made the long trip across country and ocean to celebrate with them. They found the perfect spot secluded in one of Oʻahu’s iconic valley, the Upper Meadows of Waimea Valley. Tucked away in the back of this spectacular valley, everyone enjoyed a peaceful walk through the valley to arrive at the ceremony site. Once there, they were treated to a combined-faith wedding ceremony - mixing the backgrounds of both families and ending with the breaking of glass and a resounding “mazal-tov”

We don’t have the opportunity to capture wedding ceremonies of different faiths or those that include unique cultural memes. Even one as common as a Jewish wedding. Often a wedding is pseudo-Christian or vague at times. There will be a mention of some Hawaiian tradition with a lei (flower garland) or oli (Hawaiian chant). But we always enjoy learning about the unique cultures from around our world and take pride in best retelling their stories through their wedding film. We hope you enjoy this wedding film, which blends the music and feel of an old-time pāʻina (Hawaiian party).

July 4, 2019

VENUE: Waimea Valley

OFFICIANT: Mark Kurnow

MUSIC: Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai - Hapa; Far From Me (Instrumental) - Kisnou