Mary and Javier | Picnic Proposal in Laie

A Beach Picnic Proposal

This was our first opportunity to partner with marriage proposal planners, The Heart Bandits. In the past we have planned and coordinated many successful marriage proposals, each one unique and special. As photographers and videographers, there is a different type of adrenaline rush that we get when planning a proposal. Often times we are capturing a wedding or event that has been planned and coordinated by another group. When we put together a proposal, we are not only ensuring that the plan goes off without a hitch but that we diligently document it.

This time we were able to watch the magic happen from a distance. My favorite part of the entire marriage proposal process is hearing the nervousness in his voice leading up to the big question. There is a sense of pure love that shines through. He already knows the answer to the question, but the act of asking her, making the commitment, taking the leap of faith is enough to make anyone weak in the knees.

The Plan

Javier had told his girlfriend that he had planned a couple’s photo shoot on the beach during their vacation here in Hawaii. We met on the beach and we went into our “portrait session” mode. We had planned to set up a couple of fun shots walking on the beach as we took advantage of the bright overhead sun.

Then a few minutes into the “portrait session” I directed them to our next spot for photos as I was going to change my lens. Little did Mary know that our next spot was near our hidden picnic set-up and a question that would change her life forever.

LOCATION: Kokololio Beach, Laʻie

EVENT PLANNER: The Heart Bandits