Sequeira | Stunning Engagement Photos During Sunset

Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikīkī

Who doesn’t want an epic sunset picture for their engagement photos? Sunsets in Hawaiʻi will always be a mystery to me. There are many variables that go into creating the gorgeous colors in the sky during a sunset - cloud cover, wind direction, storm systems in the area, and yes, even volcanic gases in the air. While I like to think I can predict if a sunset will be a jaw-dropping orange and purple sky or a moody deep blue, I am always caught by surprise.

We started out the evening with some family photos on the beach. The typical “we are on a vacation in Hawaiʻi” photos. And while we were all set up for photos, we decided for a quick wardrobe change and switched into engagement photo gear. I think the timing of the evening was perfect as the setting sun gave us some great colors and light to work with. We were all very pleased with the way everything turned out. We hope you enjoy these photos.