How to Create A Moodboard For Your Wedding

All of our couples are unique and their wedding plans are all very different. In order to create personalized photography and cinema for your wedding day, we want to get to know you better. To help us get to know you, we ask that you create a moodboard.

What is a Moodboard?

A moodboard is simply an idea or inspiration board where you can display your favorite images. Everything added to a moodboard communicates aspects of your style and creative preferences.

For example, you might love the angle or composition, a specific pose, the type lighting, the editing style of a photograph or video. Your board allows us to get to know you better and clearly understand what you love.

Pinterest moodboard example.png

What is a Shot List?

A shot list is a detailed list of must-have shots for a photographer to follow and check off throughout the wedding day.  As there may be some areas of your wedding where you have to have a photograph taken, shot lists are typically discouraged, as time is spent focusing on recreating specific images rather than capturing the moments as they happen. If there are need-to-have shots on your wedding day, please let us know so that we can ensure to capture it, but help us create a better experience by putting together a moodboard.


How to Create a Moodboard

  1. Create a Pinterest account (or sign into your existing account)
  2. Create a Board called “Wedding Moodboard” (Be sure to leave it as public)
  3. Visit the The Loving Eyes Pinterest, and The Loving Eyes Blog and “Pin” images that you like, making sure you add a detailed description of why you like the image.  The majority of your images should come from our work, but we are open to work from other photographers.
  4. Add in a few more images that you like from around the web (along with descriptive captions).
  5. Once complete, send the moodboard URL to us. You can add it in to your Wedding Photography Prep Questionnaire.
  6. After reviewing the moodboard, we will set up a time to review the moodboard together and to review the details of the event.

 Characteristics of an Ideal Moodboard

Here are a few characteristics of an ideal moodboard:

  • It does not have too many images (20-30 is just fine)
  • It is NOT a shot List
  • It has detailed descriptions
  • It includes shots from your wedding venue or similar wedding venues

In the end, our goal is to create a truly unique experience for all of our couples and hope that this process will make that easier.