Chandana and Sai | Surprise Sunset Proposal on the Beach

A Proposal on the Beach

When Sai booked their tickets to Hawaiʻi, his girlfriend thought that they were only going on a romantic vacation. Little did she know that he had plans to propose. Traveling all the way from New Zealand, Chandana and Sai planned the perfect Hawaiian vacation. They were even thinking about hiring a photographer to have some vacation photos taken. So when Sai reached out to me to schedule their photo session, Chandana didn't think much of it. The only thing was he had told her the photo session was for the next day for the little added twist.

Secret Photographer

We had planned everything perfectly. Sai would take Chandana to Waiʻalae Beach Park, where they would spend a romantic evening on the beach walking along the shoreline. As they made their way to the location we had picked out, I met them there with my camera. At this point Chandana wasn't expecting a photographer to show up, so I kept my guise and stood off in the distance waiting for Sai to drop to his knee. Everything went as smoothly as could be expected and the photos were a perfect way to remember this romantic evening.

May 31, 2018

LOCATION: Waiʻalae Beach Park, Waiʻalae