Proposals | Planning & Capturing It All

Speaking from experience, this can one of the most nerve-racking, stressful and exciting times of your life. It can also be the most romantic and memorable moments of your life.

Let's talk about planning marriage proposals and how we can help to capture every moment.

Keep It Unique and Intimate

Your marriage proposal will be unique to you. No matter how many different ways you may have seen someone propose on TV or on social media, remember to keep it personal. Choose a location that is meaningful to you - where you went on your first date, your favorite spot on the island. Know that people will applaud if you propose in public, so if you want to keep it intimate plan your location to be private.

Don't Over Think It

I am a classic over thinker. I will go over a scenario in my head a thousand times to ensure that I have thought of all the little details. The only problem is, this also tends to stress me out and I end up forgetting a few small items along the way. This is an important moment in your life. You will want to make you have planned it well, but don't over think it. Leave room for life to happen. There will be things that you won't be able to control like the weather or other people. Stay flexible and remember to enjoy the moment.

Hire A Professional

You will want to capture the proposal on camera so that you can relive the moment later, and a professional photographer would have the experience to capture the little details throughout the entire proposal. Plus you can use these photos as an engagement announcement or for your save the dates.

But I am not only referring to a photography and video. Consider an event decorator to add a little extra romance to the atmosphere or even a musician. All of these details can help to add to the moment and make the entire proposal special to you.

Get Down On One Knee

This may seem out-of-touch or a bit old-school, but this gesture can mean the world. Plus it makes for great photos!

Ready to pop the question? Let’s see how we can make this the most memorable moment until your wedding day, and capture it for the rest of your lives.