Renna and Sean Whiter | Destination Wedding at the Hanalani Chapel

Destination Wedding at The Hanalani Chapel

When planning their Hawaiian wedding, Renna and Sean had a few must-haves on their list. Renna wanted to get married in a chapel and Sean wanted to get married on the beach. These two don’t typically go hand in hand, until they came across the Hanalani Chapel. Planning their wedding thorugh The Best Hawaiʻi Wedding allowed them to have their perfect wedding. The Hanalani Chapel sits just outside of Downtown Honolulu along the water-edge. The private venue is very beautiful, allowing you to escape into a Hawaiian paradise.

Sunsets and Streetlights in Waikiki

We were excited to capture this wedding because it was a gorgeous location and the stunning sunset was just the cherry on top. Immediately following their wedding ceremony, we decided to take some photos on the beach near the chapel to take advantage of the setting sun. Then on our way to their reception at Tiki’s Grill and Bar Coconut Lounge, we took some more photos on the streets in Waikiki. Renna and Sean are two very fun individuals and everything about their day was relaxed and enjoyable.

CEREMONY VENUE: Hanalani Chapel

RECEPTION VENUE: Tiki’s Grill and Bar, Coconut Lounge

MUSIC: Equinox (Instrumental) - The Volunteer State