Chelsea and Ryan Riveira | Wedding in the Koolau Mountains


Everything about this day left us speechless. The bride was stunning. Their oceanside suite was breathtaking. And the groom’s vows left us in tears. When two people love each other this way, it is truly beautiful.

Preparations at Paradise Bay Resort

We began our day following Chelsea in her suite at Paradise Bay Resort. This was our first time at this location and to be honest, I didn’t even know it existed. The resort is tucked away in a quiet corner on Kāneʻohe Bay just on the edge of Kahaluʻu Fish Pond. The resort was quiet with very cute floating docks on the water’s edge. Everything about this place made it the perfect spot for Chelsea and Ryan’s first look.

Vows in the Koʻolau Mountains

The rest of the day’s festivities continued at the Koʻolau Ballroom - one of our favorite spots for a wedding. The garden at Koʻolau is great for small ceremonies with a stunning view of the Koʻolau Mountains. And we didn’t have to travel too far to stage some beautiful photos. The backdrop of mountains and the glowing sunset sky was just what we were hoping for.

We hope you enjoy our same-day edit from Chelsea and Ryan Riveira’s wedding day.

LOCATION: Paradise Bay Resort & Koʻolau Ballrooms

MUSIC: Speechless - Dan + Shay