23 Must Have Wedding Shots

You will probably spend many hours deciding on every detail of your wedding day. Take your time to prepare everything as your wedding day will come and go so quickly. You will not want to miss a single moment, and that is where a photographer's shot list is very important. Photography is a creative process, and as much as we will guide you through your wedding day to capture each great moment, it is also very important to discuss exactly what you want. You will want these memories to last for many years to come.

So follow us as we walk through one of our recent weddings from 2017 and go over a short list of our must have wedding shots.

1. The Ring

2. Details

3.  Bouquet

4. The Dress

5. Glam Squad

6. Bridal Portrait

7. The Bridal Party

8. First Look

9. Ceremony Views

10. Ceremony Details

11. Exchanging Vows

12. The Kiss

13. A Secluded Moment

14. Favors

15. Escort Cards

16. Table Settings

17. Decorations

18. The Venue

19. First Dance

20. The Cake

21. The Party

22. Four-legged Guests

23. Food