When To Send Out Christmas Cards?

Now before you ridicule me for bringing up a Christmas topic over a month before Halloween, hear me out.

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When Should You Mail Out Your Christmas Cards?

Let's say you want to send out Christmas cards this year to show off a new addition to your family. You want your friends and family to have enough time to enjoy your awesome Christmas card before the holiday frenzy begins. Should be simple, right?

2-3 weeks before Christmas should give you enough time so that they are not too early or too late. Be sure to finalize your mailing list to avoid any confusion when stuffing envelopes.

When Should You Order Your Christmas Cards?

Now that you know you want to mail out your Christmas Cards in the first week of December, how soon in advance should you order them - assuming you are using an online printing service for convenience.

If you want to avoid rush shipping costs and potential delays, give yourself 2-4 weeks to order your Christmas cards. Remember we are living in Hawaiʻi (if you are reading this from the Aloha State) so shipping costs will be a little higher and time-frames will be a little longer. To be safe let's plan to order our Christmas cards in the first week of November. 

What About That Family Photo?

You could thumb through your phone's photo gallery for the one photo where everyone is in it, the kids are all smiling, and your arm is not blocking half of the foreground. I have done this before and I swear finding Waldo was so much easier.


What about getting that family photo taken professionally

Find that perfect spot with everyone dressed appropriately and voila - a beautiful photo you can be proud to share with your family. But how soon should you schedule your next family photoshoot now that we know we want to have the finished photo ready to print by the first week of November. Photographs are usually ready for you within the week of your photoshoot session. You will want to give yourself time to choose the best photo and prep your Christmas card design. So it looks like October is the best month to schedule your next family photo session.

Now talking about family Christmas photos in September and October doesn't seem to weird. Wow that crept up on us rather quickly.

To Summarize

Send out your Christmas cards in the first week of December - 2-3 weeks before Christmas

Order your Christmas cards in the first week of November - 2-4 weeks before you want to mail them

Schedule your Family Christmas photo session in the month of October

If you follow the tips above, you can reduce some of the stress that comes along with sending your Christmas cards and move on to your next holiday season project with ease. So let's schedule your next family photo session. You can find more details on our family portrait offerings, here or if you are ready to go, book your next session with us now.

Happy Holidays (that did seem a bit weird to type in September)