Shattuck Family Portrait in the Koʻolau Mountains

Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens, Kāneʻohe

I'm not familiar with many places in Hawaiʻi yet alone the country where you can walk through a beautiful tropical garden alongside a pristine lake, turn around and take in breath-taking views of staggering cliffs and mountainsides. But I think the best part of taking family photos at the Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens are the ducks that can be found at the lake.

Did I ever mention that I love ducks?

Not only are the fun to watch and I've secretly always wanted one as a pet, they are the best subjects to capture any child's attention. What child doesn't like feeding ducks? Pro Tip of the day, take family photos near duck ponds, you can easily capture great smiles from the children and then crop the ducks out during editing. And if not, they can add to your composition as foreground elements.

Enough about ducks. Working with this beautiful family was a lot of fun. Their little girls were so much fun to work with. The eldest daughter had a mind of her own and was always out in front posing for all the photos. The youngest daughter, while reserve and a bit shy at first, opened up and once she cracked her first smile, it was the most beautiful smile I ever saw.