Hair and Makeup | Tips & Recommendations

Hair and makeup is easily a standard with every wedding. Every bride will opt to have her hair and makeup done whether with a professional or by a savvy friend. We get it, wedding photos are very important so you want to look your best. But why does it stop there? Wouldn't you want to look your best in every other photo you have professionally taken?

Reveal Hair and Makeup

That is why we now offer hair and makeup with everyone of our portrait sessions. We have worked with Allison and her team at Reveal Hair and Makeup a few times in the past and were impressed by their professionalism and quality of work. So I asked Allison to offer some advice to anyone who may be interested in hair and makeup services prior to their photo session with us.

What services does Reveal Hair and Makeup offer for photo shoots and portrait sessions?

We offer hair styling and makeup application to enhance your natural beauty and have you photo ready. Although our styles last we are able to stay on set for touch-ups at an hourly rate.  This is highly suggested for windy days, long shoots or shoots with wardrobe changes.  

Why should I consider hair and makeup for a photo session? Isn't it just for something fancier like a wedding?

It is likely that any photos you have professionally done you plan to keep them forever.  In our busy world we often don't take time to get ourselves ready. Having hair and makeup or even one or the other can be relaxing knowing someone else will make sure you look amazing!  For our photo shoot makeup and hair we focus on a more polished you.  

What can I expect from my hair and makeup session with Reveal HM?

We will arrive a few minutes early to set up. We then will go through ideas, style and wardrobe.  As we get an idea of your look and desires we will begin makeup and hair. You can expect to spend about an hour and a half with us.  We are very prepared with styling tools and cosmetics that work well in humid and warm days, perfect for Hawaiʻi.  

How should I prepare for my hair and makeup session?

Gather ideas of the vibe you love! Have your hair clean and air dried. Your face clean as well.  We suggest exfoliating a day before to create an nice clean surface for makeup.  Wear a top easy to remove. Preferably not over your head.  

Finally, do you offer hair and makeup for children, and would you recommend it for children?

We love getting the kids all dolled up for shoots. It is not entirely necessary but so worth it to have your child prepped and ready for shooting.  We just polish the children up where they need it most   Typically to do hair and makeup on a child it takes about 30 minutes. 

Allison has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She is trained and licensed as a hair stylist and has been mentored by a number of celebrity stylists. Allison and her team continuously work to hone their skills to keep up with new trends. To learn more about Allison and her team, visit or inquire about her hair and makeup services upon booking your next photo session with us.