Choosing the Right Photographer, part 3

Rights and Printing

Most wedding photography contracts will stipulate who owns the rights to the photographs. In most cases, the wedding photographer owns the full rights to all of the photographs and will be able to produce any prints and albums you want. This means that any images you also share digitally fall under this policy. In some cases you will only be able to share watermarked images or with proper credits. You will need to negotiate a release of rights for your photographs if you will want to print them on your own or through another source. 


After your wedding date, you will want to see the photographs immediately. Bear in mind that it usually takes a month to get all of your proofs back. There are a lot of images and most wedding photographers will spend up to 40 hours a wedding editing, color correcting and making any necessary adjustments. Depending on how busy your photographer is, this process might take longer than others.

Be sure to discuss with your wedding photographer how you will receive your photographs after the wedding. How many images should you expect? Will they be edited proofs? Will you be able to share them through social media? Who will retain the rights to the photographs? How long will it take for prints and albums to be made? Figuring out these details before the wedding will allow your wedding photographer to work smoothly and efficiently, and in the end will get you your beloved wedding photographs sooner.