Kian Portrait Session | a Collaboration with Keiki Kine Designs

Mililani Ravine Park, Waipiʻo


Through the days leading up to Christmas last year, we held a fun promotion in collaboration with other local small-businesses. One promotion was a give-away in partnership with Keiki Kine Designs, a Hawaiʻi based keiki apparel brand that makes fun and functional apparel and accessories for the cute keiki in your life.

One free "Honi Me" raglan t-shirt and a mini photo session.

With or  without the t-shirt, who wouldn't want to honi (kiss) adorable little Kian. This was a fun shoot and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Naleisha from Keiki Kine Designs. Visit her online store ( or keep an eye out for her pop-up shops around town on Oʻahu.


Lombard Family Session

Waiʻalae Beach Park, Waiʻalae


With a few storms rolling over the Hawaiian Islands, last week Thursday didn't look like the best opportunity for a family photo session. I was hopeful and even set out before dawn to have my hand at capturing a beautiful East Oʻahu sunrise timelapse. To my dismay, the clouds overtook the skyline and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

The Lombards were excited either way and nothing could ruin little Joshua's day. The rain held up, the clouds actually created a beautiful color in the sky all leading up to a great family photo session. I am thrilled at the way this entire photo session turned out.

Guzman Family Session

Lanikai Beach, Kailua


And for the final Family Photo Session of 2017, the Guzmans were here visiting on their family vacation from San Diego. Beach photos are always a staple for a Hawaiian vacation, but I wanted to keep it unique by incorporating the surrounding scenery at Lanikai Beach.

A little over a month, but never too late. This family was too beautiful to not share.

Shiota 50th Anniversary

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Last year, I had the opportunity to take photos for a anniversary celebration for the parents of an old friend. A 50th year anniversary. Being married myself for a little over six years, it was very encouraging to see such a happy couple celebrating their 50 years of being together. And what was better than that was to see all of the amazing friends and family joining in on the celebration.

I wish that in 40 years I am as happily married as this beautiful couple

Wedding Bells for the Covells | Sydney & James Covell

Waialua is a truly beautiful part of the island, with long untouched sandy beaches backed by stunning sunsets in the high-reaching mountains. Most weddings, I sit down ahead of time with the bride and groom to discuss great locations where we would want to have some photos taken. But with a wedding at the Hawaiʻi Polo Club, we didn't have to travel too far to find great locations for beautiful wedding photos. 

Both Sydney and James were so easy going. It is easy to see how much they truly love each other. I love it when you don't have to pose somebody and they natural beauty shines through in every photo. Congratulations Sydney and James!

October 14, 2017

LOCATION: Hawaiʻi Polo Club, Mokulēʻia

Fitzpatrick Family Session

Kokololio Beach, Laʻie


It was a little over a decade ago the last time that the Fitzpatrick Family were all together in Hawaiʻi. And why not mark this momentous family vacation with some photos including a flashback photo from the last family Hawaiian vacation. You gotta love their 90s throwback wardrobe change.

Family Photo Sessions on Kauaʻi


So I had this crazy idea to island hop and capture a few family portraits on Kauaʻi. One of my good friends lives on Kauaʻi and I was told that a few families she knew would really love the opportunity to have some professional photos taken. Hop on a plane, arrive in Līhuʻe in the morning, meet up with five different families, jump back on a plane back to Honolulu in time for dinner. 

In addition to meeting a lot of new people, it was a lot of fun challenging myself by taking photos in completely foreign locations. Many of the spots we had selected to photograph at I had never visited. I am so glad that I ended up traveling for the day and I know it won't be the last time I visit Kauaʻi for some family photos.

Stolan Maternity Photo Session

Kahanamoku Beach, Waikiki


Maternity photo sessions are a lot of fun, especially when the couple brings along cute little baby items as props for their photos. Tiny little slippers, tiny little hats. It's just exciting knowing that in a few months there will be a little human adding to their family.

These world travelers from Southern California wanted to incorporate their passports along with a little baby passport and a tiny pair of Rainbow Sandals. Toss in a beautiful sunset and the entire shoot was perfect.

Demand Family Photo Session

Kapiʻolani Park, Waikiki


I have to admit that I have a few favorite outdoor locations for photo sessions. At the top of the list is Kapiʻolani Park in Waikiki, specifically the Dillingham Fountain on the Diamond Head side of the park. The iconic water fountain is beautiful and the surrounding area has these gorgeous trees. My favorite wind-swept tree arches across a lone bench creating both a romantic and almost magical space. Check out these past photo sessions for shots with this tree (Hong & Warnock, Silva).

This was the reason we had set Kapiʻolani Park as the location for our family friends, the Demands. However upon arrival to the photo session, we had noticed that the entire tree had been cut down, leaving behind two stone pillars (which were built to support the "falling" tree). Let's just say that we made the best of it and ended on the Waikiki end of the park feeding ducks. The photos turned out great and everyone was happy, but a part of me inside still mourns for this lost tree.

I hope you enjoy these photos, and if you are still looking to get your family photos taken, let's connect. Tis the season for family photos.

Shattuck Family Photo Sesssion

Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens, KAneʻohe


I'm not familiar with many places in Hawaiʻi yet alone the country where you can walk through a beautiful tropical garden alongside a pristine lake, turn around and take in breath-taking views of staggering cliffs and mountainsides. But I think the best part of taking family photos at the Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens are the ducks that can be found at the lake.

Did I ever mention that I love ducks? Not only are the fun to watch and I've secretly always wanted one as a pet, they are the best subjects to capture any child's attention. What child doesn't like feeding ducks? Pro Tip of the day, take family photos near duck ponds, you can easily capture great smiles from the children and then crop the ducks out during editing. And if not, they can add to your composition as foreground elements.

Enough about ducks. Working with this beautiful family was a lot of fun. Their little girls were so much fun to work with. The eldest daughter had a mind of her own and was always out in front posing for all the photos. The youngest daughter, while reserve and a bit shy at first, opened up and once she cracked her first smile, it was the most beautiful smile I ever saw.

Kim's Maternity Photo Session

Ala Wai Boat Harbor, Waikiki


This shoot was especially exciting to work on, not only because the couple was so much fun to be with, but because it was the first time that we collaborated with Reveal Hair and Makeup. When we initially scheduled Kim's maternity photo session she had inquired on the possibility of finding a hair and makeup artist to help her prepare for her photo shoot. I have worked with Allison and her team with Reveal Hair and Makeup in the past and was confident that they could provide Kim exactly what she was looking for.

We were all very pleased with the outcome and I will always recommend hair and makeup service before your photo shoot. Why not look your best for your photo session.

Little Man's First Birthday

Its been twelve months since this little man was born, so we celebrated with all of his favorite things in a camping themed birthday party. We decided to keep it simple, but definitely went hunting through the endless amounts of inspiration on Pinterest. Camping is one of our favorite family past-times, and why not, the weather in Hawaiʻi is beautiful almost year-round.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Camping themed smash-cake with a candles arranged as a campfire. And the delicious campfire themed cupcakes were custom baked by Sarah Pruett with Little Bites of Heaven

Chili bar with self-serve condiments including bacon bits, sliced jalapenos, chives, sour cream, shredded cheese, Corn Nuts, and Fritos.

Documenting every month was a challenge, but so awesome to see side-by-side.

Happy Birthday Baby Samuel - you are not a little baby anymore. Welcome to the new world of a toddler!

Cupcakes: Little Bites of Heaven / One Year T-shirt: Jade and Paiige / Custom Lantern: Rustik Creations

Waddell Family Photo Session

North Beach (Mokapu), KAneʻohe


Four generations of the Waddell Family spent their family vacation at Kāneʻohe MCBH located on Mokapu Penninsula. This area of Oʻahu is particularly beautiful because of its location a few miles out into Kāneʻohe Bay. The beaches are pristine and the Koʻolau Mountains create a gorgeous backdrop for any photo shoot. The only downside is the access to this beautiful beach as it is restricted to military personnel. Lucky for the Waddell Family we were able to grab some great family photos there.

Hong and Warnock Family Photoshoot

Kapiʻolani Park, Waikiki



Chris and Petra are great friends and have been ever since studying together in Australia. Years later, both have families of their own. With Petra now living in Canada, they both decided to vacation together in Hawaiʻi. A perfect family vacation destination halfway between Australia and Canada.

So we decided to get some family photos at the beautiful Kapiʻolani Park in Waikiki. The gorgeous trees and Dillingham Fountain made for a fun and playful location for the little ones. Photographing little ones can be a challenge at times, but when we can have fun, I think it is the most enjoyable part of being a photographer.