Tiani and Elias | Engagement Photo Adventure at Waimano Falls

Waimano Falls, Waimano

I’ve always wanted to shoot a couple, totally in love with each other, at a beautiful waterfall location. The trick to setting up a shoot like this was finding the perfect couple willing to hike out to one of my favorite waterfalls on the island. So I invited one of our photographers and her fiance to go on a hike with me. The trail to the Waimano waterfall and pools is not a long hike, about 2 miles one-way, but the trail does lead straight down the side of the valley so it isn’t the easiest. But Tiani and Elias are always up for an adventure.

I love the Waimano waterfall and pools because it is set up for the prettiest photographs. There are three pools at the bottom of the waterfall - the first is very wide and fairly shallow, the second is small and a lot deeper, and the third final pool is at the end of a second smaller waterfall. The second pool is the best for photos. The water depth in this pool casts a deep blue hue to the surface water and there are a couple fern covered grottos, everything needed for romantic tropical waterfall photo.

Lee Family Vacation Photography in Waikiki

Whenever I’m on vacation, waking up before the sunrises doesn’t usually cross my mind. However the sunrises here in Hawaii can be as equally spectacular as the sunsets, so the Lee Family decided to wake up early to capture their family vacation photos on the beach.

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Pierce Family Vacation Photos in Waikiki

We had a lot of fun during the Pierce Family’s mini photo session with matching aloha print for the two younger children and a couple of shell lei. Waikiki Beach can be a little crowded, especially on a beautiful spring afternoon like this. But we managed to carve out a small little piece of the beach for their vacation photos.

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Sena's Second Birthday Party

One more trip around the sun and we had the chance to be there for Sena’s second birthday. If you missed it check out Sena’s First Birthday party from last year. We Heart Cake Company knocked this one out of the park with a donut-themed birthday cake. Just before the party guests arrived, we rounded up the family for a fun and quick family photo session. I love the way Seira decorates her parties and this year’s donut-themed party was pretty sweet.

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Shah Couple Photography Tour in Hawaii

The perfect way to capture a Hawaiian vacation is to take a romantic photography tour through some of Hawaii’s most beautiful locations. Especially when you are on your honeymoon. Ashay and Ayushi were on their honeymoon and planned to do just that. We decided to start at one of the most beautiful beaches on this island during sunrise for some picture perfect beach photos. And after we cleaned up and changed into our second outfit, we moved onto Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens for another round of picture perfect Hawaii photos.

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Fune Family Photo at Waimanalo Beach Park

Three sisters and their families spent their early morning on the beach for a beautiful family portrait on Waimanalo Beach Park. This morning was exceptionally beautiful as the sea breeze casted a stunning haze over the ocean and mountains. What better way to capture an extended family portrait than early morning on the beach in Hawaii.

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Torres Family Vacation Photo in Hawaii

Waiʻalae Beach Park, Waiʻalae

Sharma Family Vacation Photos on Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach, Waikiki

Mirjam and Jurgen | Elopement at Waialae Beach Park

Mirjam and Jurgen’s simple beach wedding at Waiʻalae Beach Park was perfect. Patricia with Nani Weddings set up the perfect destination elopement on the beach - she always does. The two were planning on having their Hawaiian beach wedding in the afternoon just before sunset with a couple of their friends. And after traveling all the way from Switzerland, the beautiful day was the perfect way to say i-do.

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Sequeira | Stunning Engagement Photos During Sunset

We started out the evening with some family photos on the beach. The typical “we are on a vacation in Hawaiʻi” photos. And while we were all set up for photos, we decided for a quick wardrobe change and switched into engagement photo gear. I think the timing of the evening was perfect as the setting sun gave us some great colors and light to work with.

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Hampton Family Reunion on the Beach in Hawaii

Family flew in for the holidays from all around the world and Shar wanted to gift her in-laws with the perfect way to remember this special occasion. Family photos on the beach. But don’t let the classic white on blue jeans look fool you. Genuine and goofy are a couple words that come to mind when I look back at this extended family.

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